no reply // cruel

by go nogo



no reply describes the situation in which two lovers motivate themselves in breaking up, feeling the disengagement has started a long time ago. it creeps in with christina’s yearning for solace, when she is about to embark on a trainride back home. „but where is home, if there’s no welcome anymore?“ after the train and the train of thoughts keep going, markus is answering with the second chorus, that he in return senses that break-up too. As he expects the soon to be ex-lover is returning home, he feels like going back to prison after being free out on bail. ‚no reply‘ depicts the moment of facing each other for that BIG TALK of making an end. the music sketches that feeling by juxtapositioning hazy shoegazer-ish padsounds and a driving off-beat pulse that – like a train – adds a certain urge to an otherwise dreamy and melancholic affair.

cruel is a reflection on the human condition and inhumane ideas about defending a terrestial identity. the topic of circumstancial cruelty, when the worst in man is laid bare, is an ongoing theme in markus’ lyrics. having encountered and talked to refugees who told him about their war trauma, leaving friends and families behind, has left a huge impression on the songwriter who raises the question how it would feel to walk in their shoes. in the history of man, the idea of a solidarity becomes just an ideal which we think about only as long as we don’t have to sacrifice anything dear to us – like our religious belief – a strange anchor for an agnostic like scholl. the music is actually rather soothing and joyous, built on ringing chords and glitchy beat variations. as soon as the bridge is gaining momentum with a steadfast beat and the chorus opens up with a ceremonial choir, the harmonies almost ridicule the bitter lyrics.


released June 6, 2016

written and composed by markus scholl, produced by manfred führling



all rights reserved


go nogo Linz, Austria

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