New Folks Remixed

by go nogo



having deviated from their usual procedure of delivering one track with a selection of remixes, go nogo’s recent e.p. new folks was the duo’s first original only-release. So here you go with a separate remix-selection from all the originals.

the first offering comes from the drummer of British electro-pop giants OMD, mal holmes who delivers a synth-poppy-catchy-as-catch-can rendition with a lustre, opening the gates to a wider audience. ummagma manage to put their shoegazerish stamp onto new folks masterfully. out of a recurring sigh, the tracks builds and builds until a tight groove and a raspy synth-bass kick in. another duo which debuted on emerald & doreen is go satta. they hit the nail to the head with a fantastic blend of disco, electronica, dub, and funk. their hold on the original new folks is a warm, breezy sing-a-long- type of tune in the early kid loco-vein. japanese electronica wizard haioka twisted some knobs to turn the already bewildering sweet lullaby into a woozy mantra. low-pitched vocals, sombre pad sounds, bell-like synth hits, backward loops, and a drag-like beat set the mood for a melancholic masterpiece. chilean prodigy statickman has his trademark chops in full effect when re-creating let it show to become a futuristic disco-vamp. the tune is vibrtaing with lush motifs that hail from the vaults of analogue synth heaven.


released March 6, 2015

written and produced by markus scholl, guitar by eric schemer



all rights reserved


go nogo Linz, Austria

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